Badminton rackets

Find all our badminton rackets for adults and children. Find your ideal racket among the best badminton brands: Sporti France FZ Forza , Victor, Oliver, Yonex and many moreautres...

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Badminton rackets: Find your ideal partner on the court

Badminton is a sport of agility, precision and speed. Your racket is an extension of yourself, and plays a decisive role in the control of your shots and the quality of your game. Discover our selection at, combining cutting-edge technology and elegant designgant to meet the needs of the most demanding players.

Key factors in choosing a badminton racket

  • Balance: Depending on whether the weight is distributed towards the head or the handle, the racket can be designed for power or maneuverability.
  • Weight: A lightweight racket delivers fast strokes, while a heavier racket offers more power.
  • String tension: This influences power and control. A high string tension offers more control, while a low string tension increases power.
  • Handle flexibility: This can be soft, medium or hard, influencing the speed and power of the return.

The must-have Badminton racket brands at

  • Yonex mondial, offers renowned ranges such as "Astrox" for power and "Nanoflare" for speed. Yonex
  • Victor Victor: Combining innovation and performance, offers the "Brave Sword" series for exceptional agility.
  • Softee: A rising brand, Softee offers affordable snowshoes without compromising on quality.
  • Wilson: With a long sporting tradition, Wilson guarantees unrivalled precision and power.
  • FZ Forza FZ Forza: Badminton specialist, is renowned for its rackets that combine technology and style.
  • Oliver Sport Oliver Sport: With its know-how, offers rackets that are both durable and high-performance.
  • Tremblay CT Tremblay CT: Known for its robustness, is an ideal choice for players looking for durability.

Why is your destination for Badminton rackets?

Thanks to our passion and expertise in badminton, we offer a selection of rackets to suit all levels of play. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, our specialists are here to guide you to the perfect choice.

Give yourself a competitive edge with the ideal badminton racket. Explore our collection at and get ready to dominate the court!