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Wilson A Legend at the Heart of Tennis

In the world of tennis, nom Wilson is synonymous with quality, innovation and performance. For over a century, Wilson has been designing racquets that have made their mark, both on local courts and at Grand Slam level. is proud to present the extensive Wilson racquet range, a true reflection of the brand's passion and excellence.

The essentials of the range Wilson

  • Pro Staff: Adopted by legends such as Roger Federer, the Pro Staff series is famous for its precision pure and classic feel. It's the ideal choice for players who value control and feel on every shot.
  • Blade: Offering a remarkable balance of power, control and feel, the Blade is suited to competitive players looking to dictate the game from the back of the court.
  • Clash: Revolutionary with its flex technology, the Clash offers a unique combination of power and control, while reducing vibration. It's a racket for modern players looking for uncompromising performance.
  • Shift: With its adaptive technology, the Shift is designed for players looking for maximum customization, allowing them to adjust the racquet to their playing needs.
  • UltraShift: Designed for offensive players, the Ultra met series showcases raw power with excellent maneuverability. Ideal for those who like to play with intensity and energy.

The Wilson commitment: Tradition and Avant-gardism

Every Wilson racket is the result of a combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology. The brand is constantly innovating to offer players, professionals and amateurs alike, high-performance tools to excel at court.

Why choose a Wilson racquet from

  • Expert advice: Our team is trained to guide you towards the Wilson racket that best suits your needs and playing style.
  • Varied choice: With a range as vast as Wilson, makes sure to offer all the leading models, from the most classic to the latest innovations.
  • Quality guarantee: By choosing Wilson, you're opting for a brand you can trust. Every racket is built to last and to deliver consistent performance.

Discover the magic of playing with a Wilson racquet, and feel the difference at court. Visit today and immerse yourself in the world of tennis excellence!