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Find all our tennis balls for adults and children. The choice of tennis balls is essential, whether you're a beginner, improving or a competitor.

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Theessence of the game: Choosing tennis balls

At the heart of tennis lies an often underestimated element: the ball. The performance, feel and durability of balls are crucial to the game, whether you're a professional player or a Sunday amateur. Make sure you play with the best balls for an optimal playing experience.

Tennis ball characteristics

  • Pressure: Pressurized balls offer optimal feel and responsiveness, but can lose pressure over time. Non-pressurized balls, on the other hand, are more durable but have a different feel.
  • Coating: The felt used on the outside of the ball influences its speed and behavior on different surfaces at court.
  • Durability: Depending on how often you play, opt for balls designed to last, especially if you play often.'s must-have balls

  • Wilson With options like theWilson US Open, this brand is a favorite at major tournaments, offering unrivalled performance at court.
  • Tecnifibre Tecnifibre balls: Specially designed to offer the perfect balance between durability and feel, balls are ideal for serious players.
  • Dunlop Dunlop : Supplier to several ATP tournaments, offers premium quality balls, renowned for their longevity.
  • Yonex Yonex : Although best known for its rackets, also offers high-quality tennis balls designed for performance.
  • Prince With a rich history in the world of tennis, Prince offers balls optimized for a variety of surfaces and playing conditions.

Why choose for your tennis balls?

Every player has his or her own ball preferences, and at we're committed to offering a wide choice to satisfy every need. Our rigorous selection ensures that you not only get balls of the highest quality, but also those that best suit your style of play.

From intense matches to regular training sessions, is your trusted partner for finding the ideal tennis balls. Discover our range today and experience the game at its best!