Tennis shoes

Mixing the worlds of indoor and outdoor, good shoes are essential for good tennis! Smash-Expert offers you a selection of the best brands and models of tennis shoes. adidas Asics , Nike and many otherautres brands are waiting for you on Smash-Expert!

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How to choose your shoes?

Good shoes are essential for your favorite sport. Smash-Expert can help you choose the right pair of sneakers for your sport and playing style. Some sports, such as tennis or padel, can be played on synthetic or clay courts, so take care when choosing the right pair.

Types of shoes

Explore our collection of tennis shoes designed to optimize your performance on court.

  • Clay: Shoes designed for the glide and grip specific to this surface.
  • All Surfaces: More versatile shoes.

How to choose your shoe

Choosing the right racquet sports shoe is essential to maximizing your performance on court and avoiding injury. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Cushioning and stability

Look for shoes with good cushioning to absorb shock during fast movements and sudden stops on the court. Lateral stability is also important to avoid ankle sprains during lateral movements.