Tennis Racket Strings

Choosing the right strings for your tennis racket is essential. A good string will take into account not only your level of play, but also the type of game you play and the type of racket you use.

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The secret to accurate play: choosing the right tennis string

If the racket is the extension of your arm, and the shoe the foundation of your movements, the string is the soul of your stroke. The right string can influence the power, control, spin and even protection of your arm. So choosing the right string is essential to optimize your game and protect your health.

Types of tennis strings

  • Monofilament: Made from a single filament, it is generally stiffer, offering greater durability and more power. It is preferred by advanced players for its precision and spin.
  • Multifilament: Made from numerous interwoven filaments, it offers better feel and is gentler on the arm. An excellent choice for players seeking comfort and shock absorption.

Must-have strings at

  • Tecnifibre Renowned for its cutting-edge multifilament strings, such as "NRG2" and "X-One Biphase", guaranteeing comfort and power.
  • Yonex Yonex : With a variety of strings to suit every style of play, is the brand of choice for professionals and amateurs alike.
  • Dunlop: Offers a varied range, combining durability and performance for all levels of player.
  • Still in Black: Brand specializing in high-performance strings, guaranteeing precision and pure sensations.
  • TopSpin Straddling strings: Known for strings with excellent spin and stable tension.
  • Prince: Offers a complete range combining innovative technology and comfort.
  • Luxilon: mondial leader in monofilament strings, appreciated for its power and durability.
  • Kirschbaum : Offers consistent performance with strings that retain their tension longer.

Why choose for your tennis strings?

Stringing is at the heart of your playing experience. At, we understand the importance of this choice and offer an extensive range to satisfy every player. Our expertise guides you to the string that perfectly matches your racket, your playing style and your specific needs.

Whether you're looking for power, spin, control or comfort, is the reference when it comes to strings. Dive into our collection and give your racket a new soul!